Interpretation & Translation Services in Virginia

MAR’s commitment to providing quality court reporting service started over 20 years ago and still stands true today.

Why should we put our trust in your interpreters?

Whether you need an interpreter for a trial, arbitration, mediation, deposition or meeting, Planet Depos can assist! Just as our reporters are vetted and pre-qualified to ensure accuracy, we take our team of interpreters through the same process. Interpreters are pre- assigned to cases based on subject matter knowledge and experience with specific cultural distinctions.

What is the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpretation?

Simultaneous interpretation occurs when the interpreter is taking in the spoken word and translating it into the target language at the same time the words are being spoken. Consecutive interpretation occurs after a segment of speech has been spoken and then the interpreter delivers the message in the target language. For legal proceedings, consecutive interpretation is generally used.

Is there a way to increase the speed at which the interpreter works?

There is. For added accuracy and speed, realtime reporting to iPads and laptops is also available during interpretation. Not only does it allow the interpreter to more accurately translate the question presented to the witness, but it also allows both parties to have the benefit of seeing the question presented before and during the answer.

Does your company provide translation services?

We do! We can translate all sorts of documents including, but not limited to: transcripts, contracts, patent documents, statements, policies, etc. All translations undergo a quality check to ensure accuracy.