Trial Services & Litigation Support in Virginia

Worried about your jury falling asleep? Have you grown tired of seeing the same trial presentation techniques over and over again on a new PowerPoint template? We’re here to eliminate drab and help you create awesome, captivating trial presentations!

What is the first step?

Contact our team, and we will help you coordinate all the details. Whether you need consultants for a mock trial, Marksmen hearing, arbitration or mediation, we can make it happen for you.

What services do your trial consultants offer?

Before trial even begins, our team will work with you to take care of all logistical and shipping needs. Forget the hassle of running to different shipping sites and boxing and bubble wrap. We’ve got it! We’ll make sure all equipment and technology you need for trial is on-site, functioning, and ready to go when you set foot in the courtroom.

Behind the scenes, our trial team will be there to assist with witness prep, presentation run-throughs and technology testing and maintenance to calm any pre-trial jitters.

Our graphics consultants will offer expertise as to which techniques will be most effective in clearly conveying your message. During the trial, you’ll be well equipped with a database of exhibits, graphics, transcripts and clips that our consultants can easily pull up as your case is constantly developing. And for added comfort, our trial consultants will be right there at your side, proactively prepared for anything that you need!

Why should we choose your team over another?

Our job is all about you! We understand that each trial team will have a different dynamic, and therefore a different way to present. We work along with your team to get to know you on a personal level so we can best help you to effectively convey information and messages during trial. Not to mention, our experienced team has helped bring in billions of dollars in favorable judgements!

What happens when trial is over?

When trial is over we’ll take care of breaking down the equipment and any shipping needs. We’ll also archive all data and compile a brief with interactive links to testimony and documents.